Ivana Romanská

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F + 421 2 52 44 21 82

Ivana Romanská received her law degree in 2007. After graduation she joined law firm based in Prague focusing on corporate law and bank financing. Afterwards she continued at Slovak law firm mainly working on advising construction companies and representing them in court proceedings. In 2014 she was registered at the list of attorneys of Slovak Chamber of Attorneys. She is experienced mainly in commercial law, civil law, administrative law, labour law and tax law.

Ivana speaks English fluently.

Representative engagements

  • legal advisory in commercial law area - preparing documentation related to establishment of companies, transformation of companies, transfer of shares, preparation various types of commercial law contracts, representation in legal proceedings relating to the assertion of claims arising from contracts and protection of trade mark rights, etc.
  • legal advisory in civil law and labour law area - preparing legal analysis regarding interpretation of legislation on civil law related matters, preparing different types of contracts, preparing documentation related to establishment, changes and termination of employment relationships, legal advisory to employer concerning trade unions activities. Representation in court proceedings regarding protection of property rights including the application of the right for preliminary law injunction, etc.
  • legal advisory in administrative law area - preparation of legal analysis in energy (photovoltaic) business matters, legal advisory within construction law procedures, legal advisory related to using of road communications. Representation in court proceedings regarding review of administrative decisions legality (e.g. decisions of labour inspectorates investigating the causes of an accident at work).
  • legal advisory in tax law area - preparing legal analysis on application of tax procedural law, legal advisory within tax controls and tax imposing procedures on value added tax and legal entity income tax.


  • Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, 2007 (Mgr.)
  • Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, 2012 (JUDr.)
  • member of Slovak Chamber of Attorney, 2014