CORONAVIRUS TASKFORCE UP-DATE - Summary of adopted measures according to the Act on certain emergency measures in relation to the spread of dangerous contagious human disease Covid-19 and in the judiciary and amending certain laws

1.Time limits laid down by law in private-law relations for the exercise or defence of rights in court, which time limits cause forfeiture of such rights,

a) do not run between the effective date of this Act and 30 April 2020,

b) which have expired in the period between 12 March 2020 and the date of entry into force of this Act shall not expire earlier than 30 days after entry into force of this Act.

This applies also to time-limits laid down by law or determined by the court for the performance of a procedural act in the proceedings before the court by the parties to the proceedings.

2. Court hearings will only take place if necessary.

3. A special deadline for filing for bankruptcy is added - 60 days if the overindebtedness occurred in the period from 12.03.2020 to 30.04.2020.

4. Circular voting (per rollam) in legal entities is permitted, including by electronic means.

5. Right of pledge cannot be exercised until 30 April 2020. Any such action would be invalid.

6. Auctioneers, bailiffs and bankruptcy trustees must refrain from auctioning until 30 April 2020. Any such auction would be invalid.

7. Modifications concerning the function of a member of the Judicial Council.

8. Authorization to process data from mobile operators during state of emergency in healthcare by the Public Health Authority for the purpose of collecting, processing and storing the data to the extent necessary to identify individuals for the protection of life and health, including in a direct connection with a pandemic or spread of dangerous contagious human disease. Such authorisation expires on 31 December 2020.