CORONAVIRUS TASKFORCE UP-DATE - First measures to help the economy

  • The Slovak government presented first Covid-19 economy stimulating package consisting of seven measures to help the economy affected by the new coronavirus.
  • All the laws in connection to declared measures shall be adopted in accelerated legislative procedure. The Slovak government shall prepare all the acts proposals this Monday and they are to be adopted by the parliament during this week.
  • By this Slovakia became one of the countries, which are massively helping the economy to get back on their feet in the post crisis period. In this connection, member countries of the Eurozone shall acquire significant resources from European Central Bank (ECB).

1. State shall cover 80% of wages for employees in companies, which had to stop their operation due to quarantine measures. 

  • State shall reimburse 80% of employee’s wage, with no additional costs for employers. The maximum of such reimbursement for one employee is EUR 1,100.
  • The state aid also includes taxes and social contributions.
  • Aim of the measures is to keep employees in the employment and prevent termination of the employment by employers. The condition for provision of this contribution is maintenance of work position. State aid shall not be provided for the employee in notice period.
  • This measure shall be applicable only to those who had to stop their operation due to quarantine measures and to those employees who stopped to work due to adopted measures.
  • State shall start with payments on 15th April.

2. State shall provide contributions for sole-traders and wages contribution for employees in those businesses whose turnover decreased.

  • The amount of the contribution shall depend on the amount of turnover decrease. Calculation for April 2020 are as follows:

Turnover decrease

State contribution (in euro)

More than 20 %


More than 40 %


More than 60 %


More than 80 %


  • Turnover shall be compared with the same time period of the last year.
  • Contribution covers only those employees who cannot work due to the adopted measures.
  • Submitting the request for contribution is possible from Monday 30 March 2020. Payment shall begin from 15th April 2020.
  • The maximum of such contribution per company is EUR 200,000 per month. This is a limitation according to European legislation.
  • All applications shall be processed by the labour offices. In order to assess turnover decrease, it is necessary to submit affidavit on income decrease. After the end of restrictions, decrease of income shall be checked retrospectively.

3. The government shall provide bank guarantees in the amount of EUR 500 million per month for banks in order to refinance or finance all demands of entrepreneurs (i.e. sole-traders and firms), so they would be able to finance their needs. Banks shall then provide those finances to entrepreneurs on favourable terms. Details are subject to further negotiation with the banks.

4. According to the amendment of Social Insurance Act, already adopted by the parliament, 55% of employees’ gross salary in the quarantine and the allowance for family member treatment received by parents (so called in Slovak OČR) shall be paid by the state (not employers).

5. The government prepared measures to postpone the social contribution payments of the employer, if their turnover in April 2020 decreased more than 40 % or if turnover decreased more than 20% for March 2020.

6. The government prepared measures to postpone of tax income advances for the entrepreneurs, if their turnover decreased more than 40% in April 2020 or more than 20% in March 2020.

7. The entrepreneurs will be allowed to offset all the losses as of 2014 (included), which were not offset until today. The losses can be offset all at once.

We continue to monitor coronavirus situation and we will keep to provide you information up to date.