Administrative law

  • In relation to the approved National Concept of Public Administration Informatization the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted an amendment to Act no. 253/1998 Coll. on Slovak Citizens’ Residence Reporting and Slovak Citizens Registry. The purpose of the amendment was the establishment of natural persons’ registry and of a central registration office, which are bound to make part of the information system in electronic form. The natural persons’ registry should serve as a source of up-to-date personal data on citizens and foreigners residing in the Slovak Republic, as well as on other natural persons – foreigners, who came into contact with public authorities. The purpose of establishment of the registration office in electronic form is to make possible registration and deregistration of residence via internet. The administrator of the registration office is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ministry will publish the list of the registration offices connected to the central registration office on its website and on the public administration’s central website.
  • The Personal Data Protection Office of the Slovak Republic issued Regulation no. 164/2013 Coll. on The Extent and Documentation of Security Measures, under which the controller (anybody who alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data), in respect of personal data protection, is obliged to adopt mainly the safety measures listed in the annex to the regulation. These measures are (i) technical (e.g. putting paper documents to lockable cabinets or safe-deposits) and (ii) organisational (e.g. determination of forbidden procedures or operations with personal data). The documentation of the adopted safety measures should describe the whole process of personal data processing from its collection until its liquidation. The regulation regulates the content of the documentation, the security directive and the security project, it being understood that the documentation’s content should correspond to the actual procedures used in personal data processing. Further, if the controller processes personal data under several information systems, among which at least one system requires a security project, the controller is entitled to draft a single security project for all of the information systems in which the parts related to the individual security systems are clearly indentified.

Labour Law

  • On the basis of the Governmental Legislative Plans Schedule, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic adopted an amendment to Act no 124/2006 Coll. on Safety and Health Protection at Work. The purpose of the amendment is to regulate the conditions for satisfactory workers’ life and health protection through recondition holidays and through determination of profession, where good health condition is a prerequisite for the obtention of a certificate or licence. The amendment further imposes to the employers the obligation to regulate the drinking regime in an internal regulation.